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Bridging experiences with WebVR

SG Nanyang, Singapore. 21 June, 2017

Will present at the ADM 2017 Symposium on Innovation, Biodesign, Culture, and Technology

VR Tranquilities

FR Paris, France. 28 June, 2017

Presenting a VR collaboration with fashion designer Galina Mihaleva at LOOK FORWARD FASHION TECH FESTIVAL.


WebVR and UX @ VRUK fest

CH London, UK. 7 July, 2017

More details coming soon

Working on many new goodies! In the meantime, take a look at my past presentations here.

If you're interested in inviting me to speak, drop me a dm in twitter.


PWA Logo Printer Drop

Logo Pwinter

An SVG PWA logo printer in 3 easy steps.

Word Drop

Word Drop

A SpeechRecognition demo on the browser. In VR.



A VR demo app. Or a PWA demo. Or a game on the web. A PWA-WebVR-enabled-gamepad-API game demo.



Get inside the bubble. A 360° image viewer for the web. No more annoying apps to view 360° pictures.



Lord of the Inputs: One input to rule them all. This page is a reference site for the visuals and support of the input HTML tag.



SXS (side by side) 3D [Canvas] is a stereoscopic drawing library for HTML5 canvas.


Progressive WebVR Applications: a modern VR approach.

CH Crans-Montana, Switzerland. 11 - 14 May, 2017

Slides can be found here.

WebVR Panel: VRX Europe 2017

UK London, UK. 11 May, 2017

Participated as a panelist with Dom Hazael-Massieux (W3C), Salvador de la Puente (Mozilla), Thomas Flynn (Sketchfab). Chaired by Tony Parisi (Unity).

WebVR Panel: VR World Congress 2017

UK London, UK. 13 April, 2017

Participated as a panelist with Thomas Balouet, Fabien Benetou, and Antti Jädertpolm. Chaired by Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh.

Rave Sessions: WebVR

UK London, UK. 10-11 April, 2017

Gave two consecutive workshops at Ravensbourne College in London about WebVR and A-Frame.

Find the slides here.

interested in me speaking?

UK I'm based in London, with a European reach mostly.

I am up for speaking at events that foster innovation, adhere to a Code of Conduct and promote diversity. My main topics of interests are related to WebVR, GUIs, and PWAs. Get in touch!.

You can see my past presentations here.


Unpacking the latest Samsung Internet

 Excited about UNPACKED 2017 and the Galaxy S8? So are we.

inside the bubble

Or how to easily create 360° immersive experiences with photos in WebVR and PWAs.

many browsers, one web

Learning from the inner workings of a browser vendor and the open teachings of the community, some of the most interesting questions that I have faced are regarding the need for another browser.

The Gamepad Reloaded

A while ago Ada Rose Edwards and myself reported on the state of the Gamepad API in Samsung Internet 4.0, and given that time flies when you’re having fun, a prompt update is due. We have recently released an open beta for the next version of Samsung Internet (5.4) which, amongst other changes, enhanced our support for gamepads. We are going to retest all the controls from the original tests and add the joy of a special surprise!

A thought about VR beyond VR

I shared a panel focused on the empowerment that VR possesses. And boy oh boy, if anything, getting a creative, a philosopher, a movie director, an artist and a developer to discuss about VR is… something.

WebVR, feasting in the round table.

Right now we are in a point of inflection though, where wearable technology, IoT enabled devices and Virtual and Augmented Reality are proving to be a new way of making systems *so much more* natural to use — they are the new knights that sit at the round table in Camelot.


Clustering to Categorize Desirability in Software: Exploring Cluster Analysis of Product Reaction Cards in a Stereoscopic Retail Application

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Re-defining a Pattern: Stereoscopic Web Perception

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