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WebVR - An introduction

February 13 2017. London, UK UK

The session provides information on the experimental WebVR JavaScript API. It covers current specification status, discusses available support from major browsers, and development options available for content producers.

VR Evolution

Virtual Reality Evolution

February 16 2017. London, UK UK

This one-day, content-filled conference will examine commercial use cases in VR, discuss how businesses can incorporate VR into their strategy to increase value and deliver insight on the future of VR and what it means for your company.

Mobile Web Progress

Mobile Web Progress 2017

March 1 2017. Barcelona, Spain ES

Mobile Web Progress gathers developers to preview what's coming to web technology. Join us March 1st, 2017. Doors open at 16:30h. (Event 17:00h - 19:45h). Ens veiem a Barcelona!



March 9 2017. Madrid, Spain ES

La Realidad Virtual llega a tu navegador favorito. Ven a conocer cuál es el API que te permite tener acceso a dispositivos de VR desde el navegador y que opciones tenemos para crear contenido inmersivo para esta plataforma incipiente. ¡No te lo pierdas!

Web Games Day

Web Games Day

March 10 2017. Madrid, Spain ES

El Web Games Day reúne en un día las novedades en la plataforma Web que impulsan el desarrollo y la distribución moderna de videojuegos.

IEEE VR 2017

IEEE VR 2017

March 18 2017. Los Angeles, USA US

The tutorial focuses on Virtual Reality on the web and how researchers and developers can leverage its power to create content.

VR World Congress

VR World Congress 2017

April 13 2017. Bristol, UK UK

2016’s sell-out VR World Congress brought more than 750 buyers and sellers from 23 countries and a range of industries to Bristol’s Marriott City Centre hotel.

VRX Europe 2017

VRX Europe 2017

May 11 2017. London, UK UK

WebVR Panel.


Word Drop

Word Drop

A SpeechRecognition demo on the browser. In VR.



A VR demo app. Or a PWA demo. Or a game on the web. A PWA-WebVR-enabled-gamepad-API game demo.



Get inside the bubble. A 360° image viewer for the web. No more annoying apps to view 360° pictures.



Lord of the Inputs: One input to rule them all. This page is a reference site for the visuals and support of the input HTML tag.



SXS (side by side) 3D [Canvas] is a stereoscopic drawing library for HTML5 canvas.


London Web Performance

LDN Web Perf

A VR demo app. Or a PWA demo. Or a game on the web. A PWA-WebVR-enabled-gamepad-API game demo.


Mozfest 2016

A VR demo app. Or a PWA demo. Or a game on the web. A PWA-WebVR-enabled-gamepad-API game demo.

Beyond Festival

BEYOND Festival 2016

A VR demo app. Or a PWA demo. Or a game on the web. A PWA-WebVR-enabled-gamepad-API game demo.



Clustering to Categorize Desirability in Software. Presented about an Card Sorting exercise over Product Reaction Cards to categorise desirability.


QoMEX 2016

Exploring the Introduction of Stereo Depth in Applications to Change Perceived Quality.



S3Doodle: Case Study for Stereoscopic GUI and User Content Creation.


IEEE 3DUI 2015

Hacking HTML5 Canvas to Create a Stereo 3D Renderer. Presented a poster to the IEEE 3DUI conference.

beyond festival

BEYOND Festival 2014

Let's not bore Alice: Stereo 3D Applications.


Hypertextual Reality and the VR Storm

 This is our call to action. We now have the means to explore VR in an unprecedented way because of the web. Hypertext meets Virtual Reality.

dentro de la burbuja

O cómo crear fácilmente experiencias inmersivas de fotos 360° en WebVR y PWAs.

inside the bubble

Or how to easily create 360° immersive experiences with photos in WebVR and PWAs.

muchos navegadores, una web

Aprendiendo de la dinámica interna de una compañía que desarrolla un navegador y de las enseñanzas e ideología de la comunidad, unas de las preguntas más interesantes a las que he tenido que responder están relacionadas con la existencia de otro navegador.

many browsers, one web

Learning from the inner workings of a browser vendor and the open teachings of the community, some of the most interesting questions that I have faced are regarding the need for another browser.

Ready. Set. Gamepad.

Gamepads are an essential part of gaming, and can provide another type of input device for your web application or experience.

A thought about VR beyond VR

I shared a panel focused on the empowerment that VR possesses. And boy oh boy, if anything, getting a creative, a philosopher, a movie director, an artist and a developer to discuss about VR is… something.

WebVR, feasting in the round table.

Right now we are in a point of inflection though, where wearable technology, IoT enabled devices and Virtual and Augmented Reality are proving to be a new way of making systems *so much more* natural to use — they are the new knights that sit at the round table in Camelot.


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Sketching Stereo 3D GUIs with HTML5 Canvas

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