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Diego (diekus) Gonzalez-Zuniga. Web Advocate at Samsung Internet. Immigrant from Costa Rica. Based in London. Gadget aficionado. Gamer.


I've been collaborating with different people across multiple disciplines in order to bring a set of experiences to life. Here are some of them.


WebVR archeological experience

Collaboration with Maya Hoole of Beaker Burial project.

hungry pandasHungry Pandas

WebVR multiplayer game

Made in collaboration with Uve.

avaFinding Ava

WebVR 'Escape Room' game!

Collaboration with Xiangjun Liu from Univ. of Edinburgh.

Tower DefenseTower Defense

WebVR multiplayer tower defense game.

Collaboration with @utopiah and @thomasbalou.


Web Audio on different platforms

Taking a look at different behaviors of the Web Audio API.

Unpacking the latest Samsung Internet

Excited about UNPACKED 2017 and the Galaxy S8? So are we.

The Gamepad Reloaded

Revision of Gamepad API support in Samsung Internet Beta 5.4.

many browsers, one web

Is there a need for another browser?



Global Web Tech Conference

KR Suwon, South Korea. 19 September, 2017

Several talks focused on WebVR and New Technologies coming to Web Browsers.

JS Montly

UK London, UK. 26 September, 2017

Will co-present a talk with Peter about Progressive Web Apps.

Samsung Developer Conference

US San Francisco, USA. 18 October, 2017

Team Samsung Internet will be rocking SDC with a Web Payment workshop! Stay Tuned.

Mozilla Festival

UK London, UK. 26 October, 2017

Assorted sessions during the event with lovely people.

VR Days

NL Amsterdam, Netherlands. 27 October, 2017

WebVR Workshop. More info soon.

You Gotta Love Frontend 2017

UK Tel Aviv, Israel. 31 October, 2017

Taking a Stroll through the Metaverse.

past (see all...)


DE Nurnberg, Germany. 4 September, 2017

Presenting a talk on what makes VR webby. Slides can be found here.

JS Montly

UK London, UK. 22 August, 2017

Co-presenting a talk with Uve. "WebVR: Connecting people, pandas and you". Slides can be found here



WebVR archeological experience

Collaboration with Maya Hoole of Beaker Burial project.


A 360° image viewer for the web.

VR TranquilitieVR Tranquilitie

WebVR Experience for Tranquilitie dress.

pwa logo printerLogo Pwinter

A PWA 'PWA' Logo Printer. Get a custom PWA logo in an SVG file.


A PWA pac-man like demo.


HTML input tag forms in different browsers.

word dropWord Drop

Speech Recognition API demo.

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UK I'm based in London, with a European reach mostly.

I am up for speaking at events that foster innovation, adhere to a Code of Conduct and promote diversity. My main topics of interests are related to WebVR, GUIs, and PWAs. Get in touch!.

If you're interested in inviting me to speak, drop me a dm in twitter.

You can see all my past presentations here.