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past presentations


DE Nurnberg, Germany. 4 September, 2017

Presenting a talk on WebVR.

JS Montly

UK London, UK. 22 August, 2017

Co-presenting a talk with Uve. "WebVR: Connecting people, pandas and you"


Bridging experiences with the web

UK London, UK. 7 July, 2017

Let me explain how can we bridge worlds and experiences by tapping a link.

VR Tranquilities

FR Paris, France. 28 June, 2017

Presented a VR collaboration with fashion designer Galina Mihaleva at LOOK FORWARD FASHION TECH FESTIVAL.

Read a recap of the event here.

Bridging experiences with WebVR

SG Nanyang, Singapore. 21 June, 2017

Presented at the ADM 2017 Symposium on Innovation, Biodesign, Culture, and Technology

Progressive WebVR Applications: a modern VR approach.

CH Crans-Montana, Switzerland. 11 - 14 May, 2017

Slides can be found here.

WebVR Panel: VRX Europe 2017

UK London, UK. 11 May, 2017

Participated as a panelist with Dom Hazael-Massieux (W3C), Salvador de la Puente (Mozilla), Thomas Flynn (Sketchfab). Chaired by Tony Parisi (Unity).

WebVR Panel: VR World Congress 2017

UK London, UK. 13 April, 2017

Participated as a panelist with Thomas Balouet, Fabien Benetou, and Antti Jädertpolm. Chaired by Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh.

Find the recording of the panel here.

Rave Sessions: WebVR

UK London, UK. 10-11 April, 2017

Gave two consecutive workshops at Ravensbourne College in London about WebVR and A-Frame.

Find the slides here.

WebVR Tutorial

US Los Angeles, USA. 18 March, 2017

The tutorial focuses on Virtual Reality on the web and how researchers and developers can leverage its power to create content. Recap of my trip here.


ES Madrid, Spain. - 10 March, 2017

Presented at Web Games Day (part of Mozilla Dev Road Show) event in Madrid. You can watch the presentation here.

Realidad Virtual llega a tu navegador favorito

ES Madrid, Spain. - 9 March, 2017

Presented at MadridJS meetup about WebVR. You can watch the presentation here.

Hypertextual-Reality: VR on the Web

ES Barcelona, Spain. - 1 March, 2017

Presented "Hypertextual-Reality: VR on the Web" at Mobile World Progress Barcelona 2017. Find a recap of our trip to the catalan capital here.

You can watch the presentation here!

Virtual Reality Evolution

UK London, United Kingdom. - 16 February, 2017

Chaired panel opn WebVR.

WebVR - An introduction

UK London, United Kingdom. - 13 February, 2017

The session provides information on the experimental WebVR JavaScript API. It covers current specification status, discusses available support from major browsers, and development options available for content producers.

PWACMAN: Christmas 2016 Spectacular

UK London, United Kingdom. - 6 December, 2016

Session presented at the Christmas 2016 Spectacular about a PacMan like WebVR demo. Said to be the first "sing-along" London Web Performace meetup. Watch it here.

WebVR session @ Mozfest 2016

UK London, United Kingdom. 28 - 10 October, 2016

Joined my Samsung Internet colleagues for a WebVR presentation. Here's a recap!

Empowering through VR.

DE Karlsruhe, Germany. 28 - 2 Septermber/October, 2016

Podiums diskussion about VR and how it can empower people at the BEYOND Festival. Watch it here.

Clustering to Categorize Desirability in Software.

GR Santorini, Greece. 4 - 6 July, 2016

Presented about an Card Sorting exercise over Product Reaction Cards to categorise desirability at the The Digital Media Industry and Academic Forum 2016.

Exploring the Introduction of Stereo Depth in Applications to Change Perceived Quality.

PT Lisbon, Portugal. 6 - 8 June, 2015

Presented poster an article at the International Conference for Quality of Multimedia Experience.

S3Doodle: Case Study for Stereoscopic GUI and User Content Creation

AE Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 16 - 18 May, 2015

Presented a project called "S3Doodle: Case Study for Stereoscopic GUI and User Content Creation" at the 4th International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design.

Hacking HTML5 Canvas to Create a Stereo 3D Renderer

FR Arles, France. 23 - 24 March, 2015

Presented a poster to the IEEE 3DUI 2015 conference. The poster can be seen here.

Let's not bore Alice: Stereo 3D Applications

DE Karlsruhe, Germany. 9 - 12 October, 2014

Presented a lecture about the use of 3D in applications. Also, participated in two panels titled "Don't wait for the content to be produced, use what's there and design it for the future!" and "3D is dead, long live 3D". Link to recording found here.

Articulating the Third Dimension Online

UK London, UK. 12 - 13 March, 2014

Presented about HTML web page conversion to stereo at the 3D Creative Summit 2014.

Breaking the Pattern: Study On Stereoscopic Web Perception

CR Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 2 - 6 December, 2013

Presented an article about an eye-tracking study on a search engine result page. This article is found in the conference proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing & Ambient Intelligence.

Bringing the Web Closer: Stereoscopic 3D Web Conversion

CR Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 2 - 6 December, 2013

Presented an article about a tool that allows the conversion of HTML web pages. This article is found in the conference proceedings of the 6th Latin American Conference on Human Computer Interaction.

Build + Teach the Web track: Stereo 3D Apps

UK London, UK. 25 - 26 October, 2013

Mozilla Festival 2013.

Research Strand Panel: Emerging Techniques and Processes

UK London, UK. 27 - 28 March, 2013

Panelist at the 3D Creative Summit 2013.

Evaluation of Depth Cues in 3D Subtitling

TR Istanbul, Turkey. 9 - 11 May, 2012

Presented at the International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design.